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Maintaining Your System After an Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is done every three to five years depending on the type of system and how frequently it is used. After a cleaning is complete, homeowners still need to maintain the integrity of their vents and returns by performing routine maintenance. One of the most important steps is to ensure that dust and debris do not contaminate the surface once again by following a few of these simple, dust and debris-free tips: ?? Preventing Overall Contamination When it is time to change out the air filter,… Continue reading

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Contaminated HVAC Ducts: Fungal Growth And Its Role In Indoor Air Problems

As Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) professionals focus increasing attention on fungal growth and its role in indoor air problems, some people are looking at how fungi contaminate duct and duct liner. While most professionals advocate removing contaminated liners, recent studies indicate that this isn’t always done – and that contamination is more variable and harder to predict than previously thought. Continue reading

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Air Quality in Homes – Electronic Filtering Method Is the Best Way to Improve Your Quality of Life

It really is an unfortunate actuality that generally speaking, air quality in homes is frequently noticeably lower than the air quality outside the house. Specially in milder parts of the country, homes have a tendency to remain shut down from the outside, and this also will cause numerous different illness-causing contamination. Allergens aren’t limited to the outside: airborne dust is a main allergen that often can get trapped in houses. Continue reading

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Surgical Air Handling Systems Cleaning Removes Contaminants In The Hospital Vent System

Medical Facilities require a high standard Surgical Air Handling Systems Cleaning. This is to reduce the hazard of infections and contamination in the air vent system of the hospital building. Mold and mildew nests in vent system must be cleared … Continue reading

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By Duct Cleaning before each Heating Session is Important to Our Health

In order to have this good quality of air it is important to do duct cleaning before each heating session. ┬áIt is important to make sure that the warmth will be experienced with the freshest air inside the home by … Continue reading

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