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What You Need to Know About Dehumidifier and Air Cooling Systems

Humid climate or air can make people feel very uncomfortable and cause problems like excessive sweating. Humid air causes condensation that leads to sleeping disorders. It is also a breeding ground for dust mites, pests and fleas. Low quality air in your home can make children fall ill and it can also make your home smell musty and unclean. According to research, indoor air can be more harmful compared to the polluted air we breathe outdoors. Continue reading

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What’s Not to Like About Hydronic Heat?

Hydronic heating is healthy. Used air and its contents, including airborne dirt, dust, allergens, and others, are not circulated throughout the home. This is especially key to the health of young children and the elderly, along with those who have breathing challenges. The above-mentioned particles, in addition, are not stirred up and added to the atmosphere of the room. Insects, rodents, and other pests cannot get into duct vents. Dust mites are considerably lower than with other heating systems, with an approximate 50 to 80% reduction. Continue reading

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IQ Air Health ProPlus Air Purifier

It’s winter, and if your home is like many others, that means that an unwelcome is now roaming around your house. As the furnaces fire up, dust mites that have been lying in wait in the inner recesses of your heating system are now circulating throughout your house. Continue reading

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Home Ventilation Filters Help To Reduce Air Pollution

Air pollution is a problem that follows us wherever we go, and even at home we have to contend with this. Air pollution in a home can come from gas stoves that do not burn properly, the use of pesticides, cleaning solvents and a lot of other elements. Air can also contain dust mites and other microorganisms that can cause respiratory problems. Continue reading

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Improve Allergy Symptoms Relief

Air duct cleaning helps to keep our indoor air hygienic and Allergy Symptoms Relief for preventing such health problem. Constantly cleaning on our air duct system on a regular basis maintains the air inside our house clean and helps us … Continue reading

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