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Duct Cleaning Techniques

For home owners who are considering having their air ducts professionally cleaned, prior to doing so, there are a few different duct cleaning techniques they can try on their own, in order to save on the cost of hiring a professional, and to have clean and more efficient air flow in the home. Depending on the tools you may have, and the methods you may have to reach the air ducts, the duct cleaning techniques used by each home owner are going to vary. All of these will help clear the debris and remove clogged dust particles if there are any, and may even be a method to remove visible mold if it has formed around the ducts in the home. Continue reading

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Different Types of Air Conditioner Filters

The panel, pleated and electrostatic air filters are the three main types of air conditioner filters. These three different types of filters are mainly divided on the basis of materials used and on how they operate in removing the dust particles. Continue reading

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Some Of The Causes For Home Air Conditioning Repair

Sometimes, you will not get enough of a cooling effect, even if the system is turned on for several minutes. Check if the filters are not properly cleaned and clogged with dust particles. Continue reading

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Air Duct Cleaning – Ensure A Healthy Living

Air duct cleaning is gaining more and more importance in today’s world. Ducts are basically a transporting medium used in heating, cooling and ventilation based systems. They transport air in and out of the environment in which the system has been installed. As a medium for transporting air they often get contaminated with dust particles, pollen and other debris. If moisture gets into such a duct then it can lead to microbiological growth of various species. This eventually leads to health concerns because such pollutants can cause allergic reactions on individuals breathing that air. So with a view to avoid such unwanted consequences air duct cleaning has to be performed at regular intervals. Continue reading

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Dirty Duct System Would Lead to Microbial Infestation

Microbial Infestation defines as the state of being invaded or overrun by microbes such as bacteria, fungi, mold and etc. This infestation would lead to infection and one example to this is the airborne infection which happens through inhalation of … Continue reading

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